LVL – Lash lift

The lash lift is a very common technique among eyelash treatments and allows you to have a curved and defined lash arch for weeks: a permanent curvature for a magnetic look, thanks to a keratin lifting. The eyelash lifting is recommended for all those women who have straight, curved down, light and thin eyelashes, but also for those who want to take care of their lashes and want to be in order every day and for every occasion, without using mascara. After the lash lift, the lashes will seem made up with a veil of mascara, opening the look and making it magnetic. Unlike the eyelash extension treatment, where tufts of false eyelashes are applied to make the lash arch thicker and longer and after which mascara cannot be applied and special products must be used to remove make-up from the upper eyelid, with the lash lift, after the first 24 hours following the treatment, the eyelashes can be made up and removed using the usual products. This permanent bending technique can be customized: you can decide the level of curvature, whether more natural or doe-like effect, based on your personal characteristics. .