Gel and Acrylic

Sculptured nail are particularly suitable for those with damaged, broken or weak nails, which cannot naturally reach the desired length. It guarantees an aesthetic result of great effect and allows the customer to realize the dream of having elegant and sophisticated hands, with perfect nails of the desired length.

Ricostruzione o gel unghie

Gel nails

This product was created to meet the needs of those who wish to have beautiful and manicured nails, without affecting their natural surface. It is very easy to apply, is quick to remove and guarantees hold and shine for at least two weeks. Gel polish does not allow to lengthen the nails, but to polish them obtaining a natural and lasting result. Removal is also quick and easy, through the use of the latest products released on the market. In a few minutes the previous layer of semi-permanent nail polish will be removed, making the nail ready for the application of a new color.