Trattamento Mani e Piedi



Daily hand care is necessary to keep them functional and prevent aging. They are continuously exposed to sudden changes in temperature, coming into contact with hot water, cold water, aggressive detergents, dust, all elements that tend to redden, crack and dehydrate them. One should acquire the good habit of using creams and oils to keep the skin hydrated and protected. Likewise, nails also need care to prevent them from weakening and tending to chip, flake or break. The main cause of drying and cracking is precisely the frequent transition from wet to dry, which is why the execution of a professional manicure, even if it may seem simple and trivial, is of fundamental importance.



Too often we forget an essential part of our body: our feet! The aesthetic pedicure is a treatment that must be performed periodically and is aimed at improving the general well-being of the feet and nails, taking care of their health and beauty. In some cases, it may be necessary to carry out a curative pedicure to solve problems of the feet and nails, such as thickening, ingrown toenails and various disorders related to the use of unsuitable shoes, rather than too tight or with too high heels. The innovative aspect lies in the use of a micromotor, an advanced electronic system that allows you to perform a thorough cleaning of the foot both from an aesthetic and a curative level. A new method to treat the foot professionally and have a perfect pedicure for a longer period of time. Thanks to the use of specific cutters, it is possible to flawlessly smooth cuticles, nails and, if necessary, skin thickenings, obtaining a smoother and more homogeneous plantar surface.


Paraffin Wax Treatment

To treat the redness and roughness of the hands, excellent results can be achieved with paraffin wraps. Thanks to a special equipment, the paraffin reaches the ideal temperature to become liquid and be used on the skin, both hands and feet, without burning it. The main function is to create a protective film on the treated part, in order to obtain a waterproof effect and ensure that the blood flow is intensified in the area. The main purpose and effects are:

-  Moisturize, oxygenate and nourish the skin

 - Deflate any stagnation of liquids

 - Lighten skin blemishes

 - Relieve pain

After this treatment, the skin will appear much brighter, with a homogeneous color and softer and more delicate to the touch.