With specific facial treatments through the use of the advanced equipment Biosonic and natural cosmetics, will meet the needs of all skin types and all ages, slowing down skin aging and eliminating the signs of aging. Biosonic is a high-performance tool for improving the quality of the skin, which is based on 4 main functions: CONTROL OF HYDRATION It is able to detect the percentage of water present in the skin through the indispensable pre-treatment evaluation ULTRASOUND They allow you to carry out a very deep cleaning of the skin, with the removal of blackheads and dead skin, able to restore brightness to the face and increase the receptivity of the skin ELECTROPORATION Through the use of a handpiece for the transport and penetration of the active ingredients into the skin, in combination with the specific cosmetic, it is possible to successfully treat all skin problems ENDOMASSAGE Draining and lifting massage, which decongests and minimizes signs of tiredness and fatigue.