As we know, nutrition and physical activity play a primary role in both the prevention and treatment of cellulite blemishes, but today we have one more ally: the V-Shape, a brand new machine that allows for non-invasive beauty treatments, with excellent results. It is a body remodeling technology, in particular in areas at risk of blemishes, which uses a series of combined actions such as massage, radiofrequency, vacuum and infrared laser, aimed at a significant remodeling of the body. V-Shape is absolutely painless, safe and without contraindications (only slight redness can be found in the treated area which will disappear within a few minutes) and allows to obtain an improvement in circulation and lymphatic drainage with excellent results also on the brightness and skin tone. It is also suitable for men who want to treat localized adiposity, for example in the hips, chest or belly without resorting to surgery. In addition, it can also be used in the treatment of the signs of aging by improving the condition of the skin of the face, reducing wrinkles and giving brightness to the skin.